Combine Helicopter - Take-off Animation

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I changed the scene to speed up rendering time. It took about 1,5 week to render at high settings (not nonstop). I used Combustion for compositing and a few post works.

I know, there are no pilots. Let's say, it's an automatic pilot test flight :)

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UPDATE: This model was used on Escape from City 17 - Part II short movie.


Combine Helicopter (Hunter-Chopper)

I loved the design when I saw this helicopter in Half-Life 2. After 2 years I decided to make my own in high res.

I wanted to be faithful to original design as much as possible. But I had to change and add some things. For example: landing gears, cockpit, bomb dropper at back side and an automatic turret (almost same turret from HL2) under the right wing and couple of small things.

I made the helicopter in 2006 and the scene in 2007. The place is 4th train station of City 17 so it is heavily guarded.

Most of the scene materials are procedural. I used 2-3 b&w dirt textures to make them dirty. For clouds, I used Master Zap's sky texture from his blog.

I know it's design is very unusual and hard to understand the shape at first time. That's why I liked it.

UPDATE: This model was used on Escape from City 17 - Part II short movie.

A small video of the scene:

For better quality
version click here (download managers may not work, size: 9,1 MB, requires Xvid codec)

Take-off animation:

Coming soon

Expo 2007 (Revisited)

I did this for an architecture company (RTA) (06.2007).

Revisited Version

The client wanted to make changes on the project (11.2007). So here the revisited version.

I know there are some parts should be improved but I had almost no time. The cliend called me 2 days before the deadline and I finished it 8 minutes before the deadline :)

Lamborghini Gallardo - Most Wanted Edition

This was my favorite car while I was playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. When I finished the game I decided to make my own(2006). So here it is.

M1A2 Abrams

I did this for the amateur game project that I mentioned at "Old Stuff (First Attempts)" topic (2006). Unfortunately the project died and this is what left from it.

with normal map:

World War II - Military Transport Ship

I did this after the Messerschmitt (2005). My purpose was blow it up with Messerschmitt. But I realized that I had to crawl before I run :)

Messerschmitt BF-109 F1

I love WW2 planes and this is one of the most famous ones. I made the plane in 2005 and scene in 2006.

360 degree view:

Audi RSQ Concept

This is the first car I did (February 2005). I didn't use any blueprints because there were no blueprints when I modeled this. I used photos for 3 view setup. Oh, by the way, thanks to CGTalk's MR Material Library :)


Old Stuff (First Attempts) and a Little Bit About Me

I'm studying on metallurgy and material engineering at Dokuz Eylul University. But I always want to learn 3D. Post production of movies, especially game development are always in my interest. I love playing games, mostly FPS and action games. So why didn't I study on these? In my country, if you have interests like these, you have to develop yourself by your own. Things started to change now but not much.

These are my first 3D attempts. I started with Adobe Dimensions 3 (2002). I made more but my HDD was death, so these are the ones I could save. Building, tank and F15 was made for an amateur 2D RTS game. After a few tries with my friend, we decided to make it 3D. He was the programmer and I was the artist. We had a LOT of things to learn so we started to improve ourselves.

So I decided to learn AutoCAD and 3ds Max. I know, 3D modeling is really hard in AutoCAD but I thought it would be useful for my university studies and it could be a good start for more technical 3D modeling (I mean CAD/CAM). Anyway, about 2 months later, I meat with 3ds Max and I fall in love with it :P These are modeled in AutoCAD (2003), rendered with 3ds Max (2004).

Then I studied on Max (still I'm studying on it:) ). But this didn't effect my school life very well :) Anyway, here are some of my other attempts. In those years I didn't have internet connection at home, so I downloaded a lot of tutorials from web at university and brought them home, studied on those. I didn't want to create something that already created. I studied on a tutorial until I learned what I want. So they are incomplate
(2003-2004). You can view some of them here:

Normal map tests (2005):

Lastly, thanks to my aunt for my nickname. She is very creative on these kind of things :) (Mert> Mertiri > Tirit > Tirido)