Escape From City 17 - Part Two

 It's second part of Escape From City 17 and guess whose helicopter model they used ;)

Since I'm in army (last 18 days!) this gave me an extra moral :) You can watch the helicopter at 4:16, 5:51 and 7:40. I was hoping more but anyway great job!


See You Later!

It's time to take a break. I have to join the army for 6 months. Wish me luck!

Eğitim Birliği: 15'inci P. Eğt. Tug. K.lığı / AMASYA  
Esas Birlik: 3'üncü Zh. Tug. 1'inci Tnk. Tb. K.lığı ÇERKEZKÖY / TEKİRDAĞ 


Céiron Wars - Launch Trailer

This trailer introduces two companion characters (Yavuzalp Küseyra, Seliné Kyraion) of the game.

I made some models of this trailer such as sword, monuments, some buildings of external scene and tables, chest, books, fireplace, wall-clock etc. of internal scene.