Combine Helicopter (Hunter-Chopper)

I loved the design when I saw this helicopter in Half-Life 2. After 2 years I decided to make my own in high res.

I wanted to be faithful to original design as much as possible. But I had to change and add some things. For example: landing gears, cockpit, bomb dropper at back side and an automatic turret (almost same turret from HL2) under the right wing and couple of small things.

I made the helicopter in 2006 and the scene in 2007. The place is 4th train station of City 17 so it is heavily guarded.

Most of the scene materials are procedural. I used 2-3 b&w dirt textures to make them dirty. For clouds, I used Master Zap's sky texture from his blog.

I know it's design is very unusual and hard to understand the shape at first time. That's why I liked it.

UPDATE: This model was used on Escape from City 17 - Part II short movie.

A small video of the scene:

For better quality
version click here (download managers may not work, size: 9,1 MB, requires Xvid codec)

Take-off animation:

Coming soon


flesk said...

You did a nice work, that is just what I was looking for when I searched in Google. Of course I like too that design, as the others of Half-Life 2.

Anonymous said...

you need to work this thing out as a mod for a game like flight simulator x or something
i love this chopper i love the game to but i would like to fly with the chopper