DeLorean Time Machine (Back to the Future) Mod for Crysis

This is DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future I. Screenshots and videos were taken from CryEngine 2's (Crysis: Warhead) Sandbox 2 editor. It is playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars.

Just like in movies, the car has ability to make time travel. When car's speed reaches 88MPH it changes map's time randomly. If you want to see the famous flame marks, turn time circuits on while car's speed faster than 88MPH and get out of the car. DeLorean's speed will decelerate and when it's speed reaches 88MPH, DeLorean will jump in time without you. Then you can call it by sending an intertime signal to your DeLorean.

Modeling, texturing and animations made by me, programming (flow graph) is made by me and CryMod member Thomas Jacobs (Jaco_E). For full credits and information please read DeLorean_Readme.rtf inside the package.

Please visit CryDev , MODDB , GameSpot , FileShack , Crysis-HQ , Softpedia or CNET_UK to download the car.

You can view WIP thread here.

Hey, I'm on Crysis Monthly Update #15 :)

Hey, I'm on Crytek's official web page! Crytek used my DeLorean's image as presentation of Crymod.com. This is a great honour :)

Interviews on InventorSpot and GameTurks (Turkish).

Also please visit here to download DeLorean for GTA Vice City and San Andreas (thanks to bluespace88 for converting the model).

Second edition (with music) of final video on Machinima.com , YouTube.

All videos on Youtube (Playlist)

Final Video - 2nd Edition:

Final video on YouTube , GameTrailers , GameVideos , GameSpot.
Note: During development I used Vimeo to upload videos. But after huge interest to final video Vimeo remevod the videos because mod videos are forbidden to upload. YouTube is closed in my country because of some stupid laws, I can access it but it is still problematic. So that's why i choosed Vimeo and that's why somebodies else uploaded this video to other sites. Next time I will focus on this more seriously.

Christopher Lloyd and My Mod!
This is a great honour, Christopher Lloyd and my mod are in same video! :)
Thanks to uploader, he added a correction message to video's credits part (
they used video uploader's name as maker name).

Some videos made by players:


These shots were taken with Lightbox.




metrekare said...

Mükemmel olmuş. Tebrikler.

Philia Network said...


Yer verdik bloğumuzda... Tebrikler

Eduardo Rebouças said...

Incredible! I'm impressed. Congratulations. :D

Terrian said...


CoReeYe said...

yuh bugün youtube en çok izlenenlerde 1. sayfada helal mert :D

Nightstalker said...

amazing mode. even i can play this game only for this mode ! :)

ustat mukemmel yapmissin , eline saglik.

Habboi said...

Looks like you got a mention on Kotaku ;O


Ricardodude said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing.
I heard about this at the BTTFHV GTA mod forums.
The only things I dislike about it are the flame trails on the moving car and the sounds, not very accurate.
But the graphics make it look amazing, and the path detection for the flame trails is pretty amazing.
Does it detect if it will hit something?

Anonymous said...

Man, that is awesome. Just awesome! I'm not sure if you'd ever consider it... but if you're looking for another awesome car to mod, consider the MFP Interceptor, aka. the last of the V8s. Check out the opening scene from The Road Warrior for reference, it's one hell of a hardcore vehicle! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMIqwSJViBM

Daniel Kong said...

I was wondering what happens when you jump out of the car and you leave a friend in the passenger seat?
Would he magically come back when you call the car?

And what would happen if that friend jumps out of the car in "another time"?

Tirido said...

No, it doesn't detect, just hits:) Because, car is there, just it's opacity is 0.
Check this video:

@Daniel Kong:
I don't know, I didn't try it in multiplayer.

Anonymous said...

could you tell me what did you used for reference? what kind of blueprints?
thank you in advance!


Tirido said...

For referance i used many pictures and videos from films, car's manuals etc. About sites, i used:


Also, after finishing the project I found this:

Ferhat said...

Dude i am really proud of you and your work as a newbie.I hope your carreer rise really fast.We need more cg artists like you in Turkey.Hope you do really cool stuffs.

NosTraDomus said...

Nice mod, how about doing another TimeMachine, this time, of the TRAIN one Doc made, or change the current mod to have the delorean with the hover Conversion, from the Future
so we could play a mutli game of car 1 and car b both leave from point a and point b, but car a goes into the future b4 car b..a sorta time traveling chicken game

Is there a official site for this...or forum, for updates..or anything else your thinking of doing.
anyone actually have a server FOR this mod?

Nice job.

Tirido said...

Thanks NosTraDomus. I want to make hover conversion, also remote control but I'm too busy, I don't know when I can start to improve it. Maybe after Crysis2's release (with new SDK).

By the way it's not a multiplayer mod, there is no server and official site is this page :)

.Nc!. said...

I bought the game on Steam because it was on sale. I got the game just because of this mod. But, I gotta add the file in a different location under Steam/userapps/common/Crysis/Game. After doing that. and Loading the game. Going toe "Mods" nothing comes up =( Any help with this?

NosTraDomus said...

Tirido, whenever you decide to do that, ill be ready to give it a test..now im just trying to time it just right to hop out and watch it go into the future and watch as it gets recalled.


Tirido said...

You need to install Sandbox2 Editor. You can play this only with the editor.
You can download it from here:

@ NosTraDomus
Thank you!

.Nc!. said...

Okay. I got the Sandbox thing. Launched that. But I'm a noob and unsure how to launch the mod. Thru SandBox. Is there a tutorial or how to? Thanks for the link!

.Nc!. said...

I'm sorry. I figured it out. I was coming into this blind so I didn't know anything about the game or Sandbox. I figured it out after reading your "readme" LOL. Thanks! Awesome job!!!!!

Flam1ng Dem0n said...

I am a HUGE Back to the Future buff, and i must say...this is one of the best Back to the Future mods that i have seen so far. To be honest, I would give it a 9/10. I give this mod this rating because it still needs the DeLorean hover mode. Though I am not sure if that is possible, it would be a nice addition to the mod. And if there is no way to add a hover mode to the mod then i will give it a 10/10. I also think that (also if possible) you should make this compatible with multiplayer. Again i am not sure if this can be done either. Ether of these addition to the mod would make it even more enjoyable and add more entertainment to allow players to have more playing hours with this mod. Like i said if these modes can't be done then i would give it a 10/10. Keep up the good work and i will keep checking in to see if more additions will be posted.

Thanks again for the incredible mod i will keeping playing until ether they is a new update or until my computer crashes (which it should not).

Electrocity said...

Dostum sen çılgın bir adamsın...

Anonymous said...

tşkler bende çok büyük hayranıyım bu filmin ve bu oyunun ama crysis2 içinde bu modu ayarlayabilirseniz çok hoş olur.. modu yükledim fakat elimde crysis war head değilde crysis2 ve crysis war vardı çalıştıramadım ve crysisin yeni kullandığı oyun motoru cryengine3 belki çalışırdı tarif ettiğiniz şekilde ama cryengine3 de tarif ettiğiniz menü bağlantıları farklı yerlerde ben modelleme ile ve oyun tasarımı ile ilgilenmediğim için uğrastığım halde bulamadım ilgilenirseniz sevinirim..