This is a web strategy game based on three of old Turkish states (before Ottoman Empire). It was made a year ago. I remade all building and environment graphics.

Game's site (Turkish) , Game's site (English) , Facebook version (Turkish) , Facebook version (English)

Selçuklular (Great Seljuq Empire)

Göktürkler (Göktürks)

Hunlar (Hunnic Empire)


DeLorean Time Machine (Back to the Future) Mod for Crysis

This is DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future I. Screenshots and videos were taken from CryEngine 2's (Crysis: Warhead) Sandbox 2 editor. It is playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars.

Just like in movies, the car has ability to make time travel. When car's speed reaches 88MPH it changes map's time randomly. If you want to see the famous flame marks, turn time circuits on while car's speed faster than 88MPH and get out of the car. DeLorean's speed will decelerate and when it's speed reaches 88MPH, DeLorean will jump in time without you. Then you can call it by sending an intertime signal to your DeLorean.

Modeling, texturing and animations made by me, programming (flow graph) is made by me and CryMod member Thomas Jacobs (Jaco_E). For full credits and information please read DeLorean_Readme.rtf inside the package.

Please visit CryDev , MODDB , GameSpot , FileShack , Crysis-HQ , Softpedia or CNET_UK to download the car.

You can view WIP thread here.

Hey, I'm on Crysis Monthly Update #15 :)

Hey, I'm on Crytek's official web page! Crytek used my DeLorean's image as presentation of Crymod.com. This is a great honour :)

Interviews on InventorSpot and GameTurks (Turkish).

Also please visit here to download DeLorean for GTA Vice City and San Andreas (thanks to bluespace88 for converting the model).

Second edition (with music) of final video on Machinima.com , YouTube.

All videos on Youtube (Playlist)

Final Video - 2nd Edition:

Final video on YouTube , GameTrailers , GameVideos , GameSpot.
Note: During development I used Vimeo to upload videos. But after huge interest to final video Vimeo remevod the videos because mod videos are forbidden to upload. YouTube is closed in my country because of some stupid laws, I can access it but it is still problematic. So that's why i choosed Vimeo and that's why somebodies else uploaded this video to other sites. Next time I will focus on this more seriously.

Christopher Lloyd and My Mod!
This is a great honour, Christopher Lloyd and my mod are in same video! :)
Thanks to uploader, he added a correction message to video's credits part (
they used video uploader's name as maker name).

Some videos made by players:


These shots were taken with Lightbox.




Futbol Arena

This was the project that I worked when I entered Céidot. It is a multiplayer soccer game. Every player has a team and player can purchase cloths for his team, train it and improve it with XPs that earned from every match. But the project was cancelled.

Graphic engine is Ogre. Everything was done in Max and oFusion plug-in was used for exporting. Also ShaderFX plug-in was used for some shader work.

Here are screenshots (from pre-alpha stage, concept arts by Tamer Karataş):

Factory Arena
This is the first arena I made.

Beach Arena

Atron Arena

Dome Arena

Harbour Arena
This was made by another artist but after he left we decided to change it.
About 80% of it was changed.

Céidot Arena
This was changed like Harbour Arena.
About 40% of it was changed.