Animations of School Projects

Tribometer (10.2008)

I made this video for my theacher. He wanted me to make an animation to introduce this machine on university's lab web site.

This machine measures surface properties of materials in different contitions.

Thesis Experiment (06.2008)

Purpose of the thesis was depositing calcium phosphate compounds on 316L stainless steel by galvanostatic electrochemical deposition method, then analyzing the morphology and chemical characterization of coatings. These metals will be used as an implant in human body. Even stainless steel can corrode in human body. Therefore we made these coatings to give strength against corrosion and good biocompatibility to metal.Slayt 3

Thanks to my pal, Hakan Tansug. Without his help and support, I couldn't complate this thesis.

Shock Absorber

I made this animation for a presentation of a group project. We designed shock absorber's piston for design and material selection lesson.

The car model was downloaded from Area3D creative lab. I modeled the shock absorber, tire connections and basic chasis. It's not 100% technically correct, just for demostrate how shock absorber connects to chasis, tire and other parts of the suspension system.

For high res version click here (download managers may not work, size: 8,5 MB, requires Xvid codec)