Futbol Arena

This was the project that I worked when I entered Céidot. It is a multiplayer soccer game. Every player has a team and player can purchase cloths for his team, train it and improve it with XPs that earned from every match. But the project was cancelled.

Graphic engine is Ogre. Everything was done in Max and oFusion plug-in was used for exporting. Also ShaderFX plug-in was used for some shader work.

Here are screenshots (from pre-alpha stage, concept arts by Tamer Karataş):

Factory Arena
This is the first arena I made.

Beach Arena

Atron Arena

Dome Arena

Harbour Arena
This was made by another artist but after he left we decided to change it.
About 80% of it was changed.

Céidot Arena
This was changed like Harbour Arena.
About 40% of it was changed.

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