Céiron Wars


These are the base screens of Céiron Wars. Almost every building has 3 versions (normal and upgraded versions). I prepared the buildings and environments.

I also made battlegrounds, items, weapons etc. for the game and trailer. Additionally I made a new company logo model for the game.

Galon - Empty

Galon - Full

Pyroka - Empty

Pyroka - Full


Céidot Studios Logo for Céiron Wars

I modelled and textured the eye. Flesh part was modelled in Mudbox and normal map was created from highres model to speed up rendering time.

Concept art by Tamer Karatas.

It was used in Céiron Wars' release date trailer.
Also you can play Céiron Arena (very light version of Céiron Wars - PvP battle only) with your Facebook account here.


Céidot Studios Logo Animation

I made this animation for Umaykut's trailer which can be viewed here:

Umaykut Trailer (English) , Umaykut Trailer (Turkish)

Eye model made by another artist. Also vegetation is from Archmodels library and some stone models are from Turbosquid. All other stuff was made by me.


Japanese Temple (Cancelled)

It is a temple from 17th century. It is not a specific temple, it is a combination of different temples and my imagination. :)

For details, please visit the
WIP thread.


Screenshots (CryEngine 2)