Test Project for Céidot

This is the test project that I made for Céidot.

They wanted me to make an arena that contains a futsal pitch. They said there is no limitation on concept, do whatever you want. They just gave poly and texture limits. So I decided to make something unusual, something different from what I made before. I already made a city environment, an helicopter etc. What I didn't made before (except some experimentations) were organic like things. So I decided to make sculptures to show my abilities about max-mudbox workflow and normal mapping.
To make the level more intresting, I made it under the sea. It's not a great level but it shows my modeling and texturing abilities well enough I think.

Anyway here are the renders:

Also I made a lightmap for the level. I used Max' Metal Bump 9 shader but didn't able to show all models' shaders at same time (some strange triangles appear) so I have to isolate model from the scene to show it with DX shader.

By the way, used programs are 3ds Max, Photoshop, Mudbox and Crazy Bump. I used photos as resource for textures, mainly. I took more than 250 photos for this. Every surface has at least diffuse and normal map.

Sculpture 1

Base mesh


New mesh (retopology) based on Mudbox model

Final model with diffuse, specular, normal and cube map

Sculpture 2

Same process is done for this one. It's not as detailed as the first one so nothing special, here is the final model with DX shader.


HighRes mesh (Leather parts are done in Mudbox)

Final model

Other Models


Some low and high res. meshes with final models




HighRes mesh

Final model


LowRes NPC models with only diffuse texture

Parallax Mapping

I used Ben Cloward's offset mapping shader for this. Here are same models and textures with normal mapping and parallax mapping.

So, that's all. :)

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